Innovate Queensland 2018-2019 Outcomes


The Impact Innovation team is excited to share the Innovate Queensland 2018/19 outcomes with our community. From travelling to 26 regional locations across Queensland, providing over 60 one-on-one mentoring sessions, and meeting over 500 amazing entrepreneurial minds, this has been a year of exceptional impact.

The Innovate Queensland program is delivered by Impact Innovation Group Pty Ltd under contract to the Queensland Government and supports the Government’s $755 million Advance Queensland initiative.

The program’s core focus is to help innovative small to medium Queensland enterprises to develop the skills, knowledge and networks required to commercialise new products and services, develop winning business strategies, and grow.

We would like to thank all participants and supporters, as well as our key collaborators who make this program possible.

We are looking forward to the next two years!

Innovate Queensland Participants

Ecotekk’s CEO, Darren Walters, attended the Pathways workshop in Cooroy in 2016 and has tuned in to many GRID webinars.

He’s developing an app for his environmental sustainability enterprise, and says the Innovate Queensland workshop and webinars have helped him refine his product and prepare for an important pitch to investors.

His connection with Innovate Queensland also put him in contact with a social media expert who has helped him promote his company for eight months at no charge. This has enabled Ecotekk to build a profile for little or no cost.

Darren says all aspects of the IQ training have been helpful and he has already recommended the program to others.

Caddy Mate inventors Zeak Cheney and Peter Crust attended a Pathways workshop in Brisbane in April 2017 and gained valuable information to advance their vehicle restraint product’s commercialisation.

For Zeak and Peter, what they have learned from Innovate Queensland about business marketing models and concepts is proving most helpful. Zeak says the workshop has helped them progress applications for Accelerate Commercialisation (AC) and AusIndustry funding. With their AC advisor, they found a pivot point in the concept design stage, prompting them to re-evaluated their strategy to include field testing. They have also progressed the engineering through to detailed design.

“Based on knowledge from an innovation workshop, we have realigned our focus to target the Caddy Mate accessories to the early adopters (construction and resources sector), and this will help build reputation before targeting the first majority,” Zeak says.

Other benefits Zeak attributes to the Innovate Queensland workshop include finding out about the R&D tax incentive and about other state grants available, and also about the new start-up precinct in Fortitude Valley. Zeak and Peter have since formed a network of like-minded contacts, attended an R&D workshop, applied for other funding, and visited The Precinct.




Wantu CEO Anne-Marie Walton first connected with Innovate Queensland at a Pathways workshop in January 2016. She has also participated in many GRID webinars to find out from others who have travelled on commercialisation journeys what pitfalls to avoid as she takes her parenting app to a global market.

Over the past 18 months, Anne-Marie has closed the Beta version of the app, released it as an MVP to the open market, and rebranded it. A small grant and participating in Social Enterprise Accelerator also helped to develop the product. These factors also promoted varying the business model. Other gains for Ann-Marie have been employment in the innovation sector and positive media’s attention.

Anne-Marie says connections made by networking at face-to-face Innovate Queensland events and ‘gems gleaned from webinars which I can go back and revisit’ have been beneficial to her progress.

With a team, more resources and funding, Anne-Marie believes her app will progress further and faster. In the meantime, she has been recommending the Innovate Queensland program to others.



Doug Ward from Injury Free Solutions attended a Pathways workshop in Mareeba in March 2017 to get ideas for commercialising four safety-based product ideas, primarily for farmers.

Despite still needing a team and finance to make headway, Doug has, since the workshop, initiated a collaboration with another safety company to develop an online product; and built three prototypes of the Triplerinser (chemical impact reduction tool).

Doug says the information he learned at the workshop has helped him, and he recommends the program to others.

The Innovate Queensland Program is delivered by Impact Innovation Group Pty Ltd under contract to the Queensland Government and supports the Government's $755 million Advance Queensland initiative.