Learn how successful business leaders have captured commercial opportunities and addressed growth challenges.


Innovate Queensland workshops connect entrepreneurs and management teams with the right people and practical know-how to translate innovative ideas into commercial outcomes that create high growth businesses.

The workshops cover such topics as:

    • Business model challenges
    • Innovation strategies
    • How to harness innovative ideas and how to implement them
    • Removing uncertainty
    • Successful easy-to-adopt commercialisation principles
    • Preparing to attract innovation investment

Innovate Queensland skills development workshops have attracted over 2,370 attendees. In surveys, 96% of attendees were satisfied with the workshop and over 70% have reported they’ve already taken their innovation plans further and 56% of participants had formed partnerships with other organisations through the program. Discover more about each workshop below.


“The facilitator was very knowledgeable and engaged well. Info on Innovate Queensland My Innovation Advisor service and what grant assessors and investors really want was helpful” 


For innovators seeking financial support to advance their innovation’s market readiness.

This practical masterclass covers techniques for communicating the venture’s potential value to grant assessors, venture capital firms, industry backers, and other potential project partners.

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Having a game-changing idea isn’t enough. You need a clear value proposition, sound business case, and a solid understanding of what public and private investors expect from your pitch or proposal to progress it to product phase.

The Money Magnet Masterclass is a program delivered by experts in attracting both government and industry funding to further ideas and business. It teaches attendees potential red flags, critical value points and how to position pitches to boost their idea’s power to attract investment. They learn how to communicate the potential value of innovative ideas to grant assessors, venture capital firms, industry backers, and other potential project partners.

This workshop is driven by both the Queensland and federal governments who are offering unprecedented funding, tax incentives and other investment initiatives so that business can benefit from commercialising ideas and intellectual assets. This workshop is designed to upskill innovators who may lack the confidence or know-how to successfully stimulate interest from financial supporters.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The mindset of an investor – What are they looking for?
  • Red flags – What makes investors hesitate?

  • Value proposition – How to use yours to attract investment

  • Business models – Structuring for successful growth

  • Pitching for investment – Developing an investor-ready pitch

Do you want to:

  • Convince selection panels/investors of your idea’s value?
  • Know how to pitch its market potential and your opportunity
  • Structure an effective project plan?
  • Demonstrate capacity to deliver a return on investment?
  • Communicate your team’s capability effectively?
  • Remove ‘red flags’and show you can manage risks?

This masterclass will help you address these challenges, to attract the backing you need for your innovation to proceed.

“Thank you for another great session. It was very helpful for me to test insights and create some space to think strategically about getting ideas to market.” 


For innovators and entrepreneurs looking to explore the process of taking new ideas to market.

The Innovate Queensland Commercialisation & Growth virtual workshop engages you in hands-on activities to understand how innovative thinking and entrepreneurial practices can regenerate, grow, scale and sustain different types of businesses. In these workshops, our globally recognised innovation and commercialisation experts will then walk through a range of proven methods and hacks that you can apply in your business.

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Running a business is time consuming; and it can often mean that creating new products or services can end up at the bottom of the to-do list. Without a method of evaluating new ideas, it can be difficult to know where to start, let alone grow. However, being busy is not an excuse for when clients disappear. The Commercialisation & Growth workshop explores the process of taking new ideas to market, from idea through to execution and is contextualised by real-world situations. It is aimed at businesses looking to grow by turning their ideas into new products or services – or extend their existing ones. At the end of the workshop, attendees should have a better understanding of the practical tools and techniques needed for commercialisation. 

Some of the key topics addressed in the Commercialisation & Growth workshop are: 

  • Commercialisation: designing products & pathways that suit your business 
  •  Intellectual Property: creating and protecting your ideas 
  • Prototyping: Market validation and testing techniques 
  • Business Models: Increasing the value of your business   
  • Value Proposition: How to make your business attractive to customers 

“I believe the workshop was well planned and delivered. We are looking at a new program which will require some financial assistance and it answered all my questions.” 


For innovators and entrepreneurs looking to progress their ideas into a new venture or market.

Innovate Queensland Commercialisation Tours are supporting regional communities through our tailored workshops and mentoring, connecting businesses with practical advice and connections to grow.

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Innovate Queensland is touring Queensland, supporting regional businesses through free tailor-made workshops and mentoring, turning ideas into outcomes. This isn’t just for well-established businesses — it is also for those individuals who are looking at progressing their ideas into a new venture.

To do this, the workshop will touch on the following themes:

  • Creating social and economic impact using your business model

  • Communicating with customers through value propositions

  • Using technology to connect with new markets

  • Funding opportunities and investment

  • Personalised mentoring & advice

The Innovate Queensland Program is delivered by Impact Innovation Group Pty Ltd under contract to the Queensland Government.