Learn how successful business leaders have captured commercial opportunities and addressed growth challenges.

Skills Development Workshops


These interactive Innovate Queensland workshops connect entrepreneurs and manager teams with the right people and practical know-how to translate innovative ideas into commercial outcomes that create high growth businesses.

The workshops cover such topics as:

  • Business model challenges
  • Innovation strategies
  • How to harness innovative ideas and how to implement them
  • Removing uncertainty
  • Successful easy-to-adopt commercialisation principles
  • Preparing to attract innovation investment

Learn more about each workshop below.

For innovators seeking financial support to advance their innovation’s market readiness, this practical masterclass covers techniques for communicating the venture’s potential value to grant assessors, venture capital firms, industry backers, and other potential project partners.

Learn more about the Money Magnet Masterclass

Having a game-changing idea isn’t enough. You need a clear value proposition, sound business case, and a solid understanding of what public and private investors expect from your pitch or proposal to progress it to product phase.

The Money Magnet Masterclass is a program delivered by experts in attracting both government and industry funding to further ideas and business. It teaches attendees potential red flags, critical value points and how to position pitches to boost their idea’s power to attract investment. They learn how to communicate the potential value of innovative ideas to grant assessors, venture capital firms, industry backers, and other potential project partners.

This workshop is driven by both the Queensland and federal governments who are offering unprecedented funding, tax incentives and other investment initiatives so that business can benefit from commercialising ideas and intellectual assets. This workshop is designed to upskill innovators who may lack the confidence or know-how to successfully stimulate interest from financial supporters.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The common attributes that public and private investors look for in a new opportunity
  • What you need to have in place before approaching potential backers
  • How grants are usually assessed
  • Techniques to differentiate and articulate value
  • What funding options are available (e.g. grants, investor types)
  • How to demonstrate ‘real’ demand for your product or service
  • What goes into a pitch
  • Do you want to:
    • Convince selection panels/investors of your idea’s value?
    • Know how to pitch its market potential and your opportunity
    • Structure an effective project plan?
    • Demonstrate capacity to deliver a return on investment?
    • Communicate your team’s capability effectively?
    • Remove ‘red flags’and show you can manage risks?

    This masterclass will help you address these challenges, to attract the backing you need for your innovation to proceed.

An interactive workshop where you’ll explore current ideas and practices for becoming an innovation-focused enterprise, plus take away practical tools for building innovation capability in your business.

Learn more about the Growth from Innovation Workshop
In the volatile and uncertain world we live in, it is becoming harder for businesses to survive without innovation. Businesses that participate in innovative practices are measurably more likely to commercialise new products & services and are far more in tune with core service offerings.

The Growth from Innovation Workshop focuses on how innovation can drive growth in a business and help your business to better handle changes in the marketplace. Examining innovation under the lens of strategy, planning, process and engagement provides attendees with the knowledge to apply innovative practices in their everyday approach to work. This will allow for better development of business and value-derivation models which increases the understanding of the core business practices.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What Successful Innovation Integration Looks Like
  • About Open Innovation
  • How to Assess Innovation Maturity
  • Innovation Strategy and Action Planning Techniques
  • How to Discover, Develop and Implement Ideas
  • About Engagement, Leadership, and Culture
  • Business Model Innovation (e.g. St Gallen Business Model Navigator)
  • About Assessing Outcomes and Success

Do you want to:

  • Explore different ways innovation can improve your business?
  • Understand how different types of innovation work and why being innovative matters?
  • Avoid innovation failure – in terms of cost, morale and motivation?
  • Recognise what’s needed to integrate innovation successfully into your workplace?
  • Learn what it takes to an innovation leader?
  • Identify what’s needed to build an innovative organisational culture?

This hands-on workshop will help you address these challenges, to ensure innovation efforts are positive experiences that lead to income generation and commercial outcomes.



A hands-on, commercialisation & collaboration class which teaches you how to develop ideas using collaboration. This event exemplifies how to work with co-opetition for your advantage.

Learn more about Collaboration Commercialisation

While the ability to solve unique problems quickly and using out-of-the-box thinking can give SME’s a competitive advantage, many do not realise the potential for others to help solve their problems. Collaboration can be one of the most accessible and affordable methods of problem solving and commercialising new products.

The Collaboration Commercialisation workshop is a structured networking and problem-solving event, where businesses work together to solve their own problems using both competitors and allies in a friendly, co-opetition environment. The first section of the workshop focuses on problem definition and ‘money is the only answer’ thinking. The workshop then illustrates how collaboration can often expedite the process while removing risk. Groups the participate in structured networking, aiming to align businesses to allow for meaningful connections to be made.

 A integral business development workshop created to teach the tools, skills and considerations required to develop ideas into outcomes. 

Learn more about Viability Valuation

Running a business is time consuming and with the never-ending list of items “to-do” innovation and creating new products can fall off things to do today. However being busy is not an excuse when your clients disappear. Evaluating ideas and innovations allows for better planning, structure and overall ease-of-development. To do this, you need to have the know-how to determine where to place your emphasis and valuable time.

The Viability Valuation workshop gives businesses and individuals an overview of the things to consider when looking at business and idea development. This workshop breaks down the important sections to cater for experienced businesses as well as those looking to grow, expand and develop a new product/service or business. It teaches entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking when looking to position an idea.  This workshop also covers how tools such as innovation and collaboration can expedite the development of new and existing products and services.


Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Assessing Innovation Readiness
  • Entrepreneurial Mindsets
  • Ambidextrous Enterprises – exploring new opportunities while exploiting existing assets
  • Managing Innovation Systems
  • Pathways to Market
  • Intellectual Property Matters
  • Developing a New Technology (testing assumptions)
  • Differentiating and Articulating Value
  • Funding Options (e.g. Grants, Investor types)
  • Collaborating for Mutual Benefit
  • Business Model Innovation (e.g. St Gallen Business Model Navigator)

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