Innovate Queensland

Supporting the translation of ideas into commercial outcomes for a strong, innovation-driven economy.

Innovate Queensland’s capacity building workshops, webinars, and collaboration activities are helping innovators, entrepreneurs and organisations across the state to:


  • Reduce innovation development costs
    Opening up networks and referrals to innovation experts that will cut the financial, time and effort costs of overcoming commercialisation challenges.
  • Integrate innovation into existing enterprises
    Showing you how proactive strategies boost the value of R&D and other innovation activities.
  • Reduce the time lags from idea to income
    Offering expert guidance to navigate commercialisation processes and get your product or service to market sooner.
  • Optimise R&D capability and linkages
    Introducing you to technologies and experts that will sharpen your competitive edge.
  • Better target market needs and increase market uptake
    Exploring the right business models for managing the risks and costs around innovation and technology commercialisation.

More than 1000 people have attended Innovate Queensland training events and given them an overall satisfaction rating of 92%. In surveys, nearly 60% have reported they’ve already taken their innovation plans further. That means they’re on their way to becoming more competitive and successful. Read some of their stories here.

Skills Development Workshops

If this is a new frontier for you, start with an Innovate Queensland workshop.

These interactive innovation and technology commercialisation courses connect small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the right people and practical know-how to translate innovative ideas into commercial outcomes and incomes.

What do you need to launch a new idea?

GRID Group & Webinars

Join the GRID.

This online members’ forum and free webinar series connects people who are starting their innovation and commercialisation journeys with experienced practitioners, as well as opportunities to learn more from shared articles and activities.

Are you ready to Give your Research and Ideas Direction?

Collaboration Activities

Connecting creative thinkers from diverse organisations to solve specific problems,

these activities include structured networking events, panel discussions, and idea-generation workshops championed by an industry association or regional agency – like managing agricultural and construction waste, and supporting refugee resettlement.

What’s your innovation challenge?

My Innovation Advisor

What’s stopping your idea from making an impact?

This one-to-one, independent and objective consultation will help you find out where to focus by talking to an expert with experience in the same market where your idea or invention could change the game.

Book a free consultation with an innovation specialist now.

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