Congratulations to Leximancer on its new software release – Leximancer v4.5.

This is a great text analytics software program that is being used around the world.

The Impact Innovation Group is proud to be providing the interim CEO services of Ilona Caruana to this company.

Here’s the media release:

Content cruncher Leximancer launches version 4.5

Australian text analytics innovator Leximancer releases the latest version of its quick and powerful software platform

Australian text analytics innovator Leximancer Pty Ltd will launch the latest version of its quick and powerful software platform on Thursday 19 May 2016.

Leximancer, spun out from novel research at The University of Queensland, has been helping commercial and government clients around the world understand what their customers are really saying since 2006.

Its ability to automatically identify key themes, concepts and ideas from large amounts of unstructured text, with little or no guidance, is also popular with more than 500 Australian and international research and academic organisations.

“Leximancer v4.5 includes 10 new features that make it even easier, faster and more insightful for research, marketing and customer experience management, business forecasting, informing public policy, and many other industry-specific applications,” said founder and chief scientist, Dr Andrew Smith.

“We’ve supercharged the Leximancer engine and introduced a project control panel to simplify how users configure the software for their needs.

“The new Synopsis function is a useful tool for analysts. It condenses the gist of large document collections to explain and complement Leximancer’s unique concept map capabilities, plus all reporting of comments can be automatically bucketed for more valuable customer feedback insight,” Dr Smith said.

Improved text extractors for pdf, doc, docx, and html documents will also please users.

“Because our customers use Leximancer for all kinds of decision-making, they need to analyse text from a variety of sources, like customer surveys, interview transcripts, long reports, research papers, web pages, feedback forms, tweets, and so on,” Dr Smith said.

Other features new to Leximancer v4.5 will improve how Leximancer integrates with existing systems, such as relaxing project and document file path name restrictions, and removing the need for Java to be installed separately.

Leximancer v4.5 also supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X (10.9+) platforms with IE 11, Firefox  45+, IE Edge and Chrome 50+, and Safari 9+ browsers.