With the national ‘ideas boom’ mandate and similar state-based agendas giving plenty of attention to start-ups and university research translation, sometimes it can be hard to gauge how other enterprises are actually getting on with the job.

Impact Innovation’s working on a research task that will help executives responsible for innovation in their organisations identify their strengths and where they need to focus resources and efforts if they want better outcomes from their innovation activities.

We’ll be releasing our findings in a report later this year.

Our research aims to create a picture of how ‘mature’ innovation is inside Australian organisations: their progress towards becoming more innovative in the way they do business; how they discover and develop new ideas to feed the pipeline and differentiate their value; how engaged employees are in innovation-led change; and what effective innovation looks like.

Would you please help us by taking the online 2017 Innovation Maturity Assessment?

We’re collecting and compiling the data to improve understanding about where organisations need to up their game, to see real value derived from their innovation efforts and investment.

There’s no cost involved (apart from about 10 minutes of your time), and you’ll receive a summary via email straight away, which includes your responses and how they tally in terms of innovation maturity.

This status brief will help you determine your organisation’s stage and inform future decisions about strategic direction, resource allocation, internal and external engagement.

You can also choose to automatically receive a pre-release copy of the research report when it comes out later this year (remember to check that box and please be assured that individual responses won’t be identified in the aggregated research report).

And if you have any questions about the Innovation Maturity Assessment, just call us on (07) 3041 1128.

Read how Impact Innovation has been helped organisations with their innovation systems: www.innovateqld.com/case-studies.


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