Impact Innovation is working with the Queensland Government’s Department of Science, IT and Innovation (DSITI) to help small businesses understand how to get their innovative idea or invention ready for launch, investment, collaborative development or other stage along the ideas-to-market journey.

It’s a free, one-to-one, independent and objective consultation for helping you find out where to focus your time and resources.

In just 60 minutes you’ll

  • Gain clarity about the idea’s potential before investing more time, effort, money and passion.
  • Understand what’s needed to reduce the risks that might slow or obstruct taking it to market sooner.
  • Connect with people or services that could help you accelerate your plans.

You’ll talk to an Impact Innovation expert with experience in the same market where your idea or invention could change the game. Depending on what difference your idea or invention could make, the My innovation Advisor consultation may cover:

  • Technical feasibility (will it work?)
  • Competitors and collaborators
  • Value proposition
  • Value chain position
  • Cost benchmarking (e.g. set up, pricing, margins, etc.)
  • Market research and readiness
  • Investment potential (public and private)
  • Commercialisation pathways
  • IP management (patents, trademarks, etc.)
  • Business model options
  • Risk minimisation
  • Regulatory considerations

Learn more about how it works and your eligibility to access this free service here.

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